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From Gershwin musicals and the theaters they were performed in to entertaining radio and television stars like George Burns and Gracie Allen thru celebrating contributions and achievements that made America great, older adults embrace Cultural History.    

There’s never been a better time for older adults to discover or re-discover Cultural History because the internet offers us a phenomenal Cultural History resource that is unrivaled including wonderful Museum & other similar virtual collections. Many older adults who lived thru Cultural History being made unfortunately, can’t rediscover all of the fabulous Cultural History presented on the internet. Conversely, the internet is a great vehicle for Cultural History presentations for groups, but because many individuals aren’t using the internet, valuable virtual presentations aren’t being used.

The Cultural History Channel provides enrichment leaders of older adult communities and individuals an opportunity to embrace,  share and enjoy virtual Cultural History resources by making it easier and much less random to share valuable Cultural History multimedia with their communities. 

The Cultural History Channel’s virtual Cultural History Calendars featuring special streaming image videos by The Man From Yesterday consolidates Cultural History information that is spread all over a digital map. Recognizing that many can’t use the internet, The Cultural History Channel provides communities printed Cultural History excerpts from each month’s featured Cultural History Calendars. That’s not all. Read More…………. 

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