Not All Oral History Interviews Are Alike

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All adults have an oral history to share. By sharing their oral history interviews with 1 or more communities, Cultural History benefits from  a type of history that is told by interviewees, not written or told by others. Arguably more important than the greater good of Cultural History is enriching the quality-of-life of communities by sharing life experiences via interviews. Oral history interviews have been recorded for a long, long time here in the U.S. and cultures throughout the world. If there’s anything that helps define a global community it’s when communities use oral history interviews. 

The benchmark of oral history interview programs or projects is archiving and access. Today’s multimedia is extremely resourceful for archival and access thereof. Many community organizations and businesses have used virtual multimedia, but there’s been some broken pieces to how best use multimedia. Much of that confusion has been about embedding or archiving media and access thereof. Webpage timelines or the listing of text, images and files both as rows or columns has overwhelmed webpages and thus, webpage visitors.

Calendars are not only about dates; calendars have helped us to organize information for many years. Without calendars we would have been very disorganized like many webpages. Cultural History Channel’s virtual multimedia calendar is a web archival application/utility designed to be an affordable and user friendly means for community-based organizations/businesses to archive and access oral histories in an organized way that is very efficient and not research oriented like database records. Of course, events can still be promoted or better yet, showcased after all an oral history really is an event. CHC’s multimedia calendar offers archiving of small or large amounts of information/media without webpage clutter. The CHC multimedia calendar is customizable to represent community organizations and connect with their communities.  Click RCA President, Mr. David Sarnoff Image to Read More…..   

Click RCA President Mr. David Sarnoff to Read More

Click RCA President Mr. David Sarnoff to Read More


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